Table Rates



Our blackjack tables are half-moon shaped and measure 72" x 36". Tables are crafted with 1/4" foam and standard Las Vegas style green felt. Player's side includes a 6" solid mahogany-stained wood edge for players to place drinks and clay chips. The dealer side contains a cut out that can fit a nine-row, 360-count clay chip tray. Each table is available in 30" or 36" tall and table rental includes a four-card deck shoe and a card return.



Our poker tables measure 4' x 8' with cropped corners, 1/4" foam and green velveteen fabric. The velveteen fabric is optimal for gliding cards in poker and the tables are lined with black leather cushions and can comfortably seat eight players and a dealer. The table rental includes playing cards and dealer button.



Our roulette tables measure 42" x 8'. Each table is made with 1/4" foam, standard Las Vegas style green felt and lined with black leather cushions. Table rental includes the roulette wheel, ball and six five-row 100-chip poker trays. Each player has his or her own chip color to simplify betting and pay outs.



Our craps tables are 4' x 8' ovals with 1/4" foam and standard Las Vegas style green felt. The mahogany-stained side walls are 9" high with dice rubber on the inside of the walls. The side walls are topped with black leather cushions. The table rental includes dice, dice tray and off/on button.

Clay chips


One-time chip fee for unlimited chips for your event. Chips are solid red, green and white and come in nine-row, 360-count chip trays.

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