Frequently Asked Questions

  • Rental
    • 1. Am I responsible for cleaning China, glassware or flatware?

      No. Just make sure all large items have been removed and re-rack the used items.

    • 2. How should I return table cloths?

      We will provide you with a pre-labeled mesh bag for table cloths.

    • 3. Will Snyder set up rental items for me?

      We are happy to set up chairs and tables for $.50 per table and $.25 per chair. We ask that you provide a diagram of your venue including chair and table locations and we do not set linens or place settings.

    • 4. What size dance floor will I need?

      This depends on the size of your venue - as a general rule, give about two ft2 per person. For dance floor pricing information, see our Dance Floor Pricing Guide.

    • 5. How many glasses do I need?

      We recommend one glass per person per hour.

    • 6. Do I need table cloths to cover tables I rent from Snyder?

      Yes, our folding table look best under linens. If you're looking for something different, see Snyder Lounge products for our selection of stand-alone tables.

    • 7. What happens we accidentally break a glass or stain a table cloth?

      Don't worry about it! Our damage waiver covers all incidental damage so you're off the hook.

  • Tents
    • 1. Can I reserve a tent in case it rains?

      Yes, we allow tent holds for 35 percent of the tent rental price. As long as you cancel your reservation at least 48 hours before your event, you are only charged 35 percent. If you cancel your reservation within 48 hours, you are charged the full tent-rental price.

    • 2. What is the difference between a pole tent and a frame tent?

      A pole tent is a traditional tent style that requires its interior poles to be anchored to the ground. Most pole tents have square ends but Snyder also offers round ends in select sizes. A frame tent is a freestanding tent with no interior poles, which allows for unobstructed space. Frame tents can be anchored by stakes or weights. We have two types of frame tents: Clear-Span and Sailcloth. Clear-Span tents are designed to allow for maximum use of interior space and are engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Sailcloth tents are popular with wedding and special-event planners for their sculpted peaks and eaves and nautical accents. Sailcloth tents are also sought out for the way light glows against their canvas.

    • 3. Do I need a tent permit?

      You need a tent permit within Charleston city limits. We will get a tent permit for you for $60.

    • 4. What size tent do I need?

      See our Tent Planning Guide for sizing help.

    • 5. Can I place a tent on asphalt?

      Yes but pole tents can only go on asphalt if staking is permitted in the area. Frame tents can be staked or weighed down with ballasts.

    • 6. Can I place a tent on concrete?

      Frame tents can be used on concrete and weighed down with ballasts. Staking is not allowed on concrete so pole tents cannot be used.

    • 7. Can I place a tent on an uneven surface?

      You can place a frame tent on an uneven surface or you can use our flooring system to level the surface.

    • 8. Can I use water berets or cement blocks to hold a frame tent down?

      Yes but we recommend against it for safety reasons. Ballasts are your safest option. We can secure a tent with ballasts for an extra rental expense.

    • 9. Does the price of the tent include installation?


    • 10. Do Snyder tent walls roll up?

      We do have walls for our tents but they do not roll up and they must be installed prior to your event.

  • Lounge
    • 1. Where can I come to shop for Snyder Lounge furniture?

      We keep sample pieces in our main office at 3875 Meeting St. Our website also features our full selection of Lounge rentals. We can accommodate a viewing of a specific item by appointment.

    • 2. How many heaters will I need?

      Our mushroom patio heaters will radiate heat throughout a 400 square foot space. For full coverage, heaters should be placed about 20 feet apart. A heat cannon will heat approximately 1600 square feet inside a 40x40 tent.

  • Hours of operation
    • 1. Do I need an appointment to visit your showroom?

      Our office is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Saturday office hours are 9am-3pm. No appointment is necessary during the week but we prefer that you make an appointment to visit on Saturday.

    • 2. What are your delivery hours?

      We are on call to deliver 24/7.

  • Where do we live?
  • Delivery and pick-up service
    • 1. Can I pick up my rental items are your location to avoid delivery fees?

      Yes, we provide express pick up for all prepaid rentals. Our on-site pick-up tent makes it easy.

    • 2. Why are Snyder Rental and Snyder Lounge separate invoices?

      Rental and Lounge are actually separate companies. Lounge is a different product line with a special crew for handling. Your Rental and Lounge items will come from different warehouses at different delivery times as well.

    • 3. Does Snyder charge a delivery fee? If so, what is the delivery fee?

      Yes, see our Delivery Fee Guide to learn more.

    • 4. Does Snyder offer night-time pick up?

      Yes, we run a full pick-up crew Thursday through Sunday and we can make arrangements to accommodate Monday through Wednesday night pick ups.

    • 5. What am I responsible for when my delivery rentals are dropped off?

      Nothing. We can drop everything off and set up your rentals at the locations indicated. You do not have to meet us on site.

  • Processing/Payments/Deposits
    • 1. Do you require a deposit?

      Yes, we require a 50 percent deposit.

    • 2. What is your cancellation policy?

      Cancellations that occur more than 2 weeks out will be subject to 25% of the order total Cancellations within 14 days of the event will be subject to the full 50% deposit. Cancellations within 3 days of the delivery date will be subject to 75% of the order total. Cancellations made after the order has been loaded and delivered will be responsible for the full amount. Orders cancelled due to severe weather, acts of god and declared emergencies will be moved to a rescheduled (items subject to availability), all monies paid prior to the cancellation will roll over to the new order on the rescheduled date. If the client chooses to cancel the event and not reschedule the client will be liable for 35% of the order total. All monies previously paid above and beyond 35% will be refunded. If the cancellation takes place after the truck has been loaded and/or delivered the normal cancellation policies will be in affect.

    • 3. What is the damage waver?

      An eight percent non-refundable damage waiver is added to each order to cover the cost of broken and damaged items. It is inevitable that glasses will be broken or taken by quests, China will be chipped, linens will be stained, etc. Our waiver allows us to cover those expenses without having to charge you more after the event.

    • 4. Will Snyder come to my home for a site inspection?

      Yes, we actually prefer to inspect your venue especially if you'll be ordering a tent.

    • 5. Can Snyder make a layout of the event space with rentals for me?

      Yes! We're happy to.

    • 6. What if I have an emergency outside of business hours?

      Our emergency line will contact the manager on call. The number is 843.766.3366 ext. 4.

    • 7. What is your policy for lost or damaged equipment?

      Most damaged equipment will be covered under the damage waiver. We will bill for lost items.

    • 8. When is final payment due?

      We are flexible but we must have your payment prior to rental delivery.

    • 9. What should I know about contracts with Snyder?

      See our Rental Contract to learn more about contracts with Snyder.

    • 10. How far in advance should I place my order?

      We are happy to take orders the day of your event, however with short notice you run the risk of a limited inventory. We suggest you order three months in advance.

    • 11. What payment methods do you accept?

      Check, cash, all major credit cards.

    • 12. Do you offer free estimates?

      Yes! Call or browse online for an estimate.

  • Other
    • 1. Do you give discounts to charities and non-profit organizations?

      We consider discounts on a case-by-case basis. Please call to find out more.