Our Story

An inventory stocked with endless rental pieces, a staff grown from the food and beverage industry and more experience every day. These are what make Snyder the go-to event rental company.

We pride ourselves on having an extensive inventory to serve all of our clients' rental needs. With furniture ranging from simple and easy to luxurious and ornate, our product variety allows us to remain flexible and adaptive to events and timelines of all kinds. In addition, we have blueprints for almost every venue in the Charleston area so you can visualize exactly how you would set up any number of local event spaces to make a truly informed decision.

The better informed you are through this process, the more satisfied you will be with your event. Information and experience are crucial tools in this industry, so know this: whether it's dozens, hundreds or thousands of guests, your event is meaningful and important. We know because we've been there before. We've supplied and set up more events than we can count and we're gaining more experience everyday.

Snyder is here for you right now. And tonight. And next week. And every hour of every day until the last chair, table, bar, dinnerware set and napkin is packed up after your event.
We are available 24/7, don't hesitate to call.

Our People

Keith Snyder

The first job Keith ever had in Charleston was as a dishwasher in a local restaurant. He worked his way up through the food and beverage industry and met everyone in Charleston along the way. From only a few coolers and a couple of gigs to start, Keith has built Snyder Events to include over a hundred employees and a 50,000-square-foot warehouse full of everything from table linens to outdoor heaters to swanky seating.

Jason Robbins

Meet Jason. A partner at Snyder Rentals, he came to Charleston from Bristol, Tennessee to attend Johnson & Wales. He began working at Snyder when it was a small company trying to find its place in the market and he has thoroughly enjoyed contributing to its growth ever since. Jason takes pride in the company's market leadership, corporate culture and emphasis on client relationships.

Greg Casciato

Meet Greg. He moved to the Holy City from Haddon Township, N.J. to attend the College of Charleston. He began bartending for Snyder while still in school and became more involved in the company as he completed his bachelor's degree in business administration and hospitality. He has enjoyed being a part of Snyder's growth and being part of the ever-exciting, ever-changing event industry.

Jon Robbins

Meet Jon. A native of Bristol, Tennessee, he joined Snyder Events to focus on product development. With a background in media arts production, he approaches each new challenge with relentless perseverance and a sense of humor. In addition to his regular duties, he keeps an eye on his mischievous brother Jason.

Matt Morgenstern

Meet Matt. He comes to Snyder from Toledo, Ohio with a bachelor's degree from Owens College. He enjoys assembling the pieces of a great event to keep his clients satisfied. Matt is particularly skilled at arranging and organizing large groups, a talent that frequently comes in handy in this line of work. Prior to working at Snyder, Matt worked as the banquet director at Kiawah Island Golf Resorts. He loves that Snyder prioritizes quality client service above all else.

Connie Simmons

Meet Connie. A Lowcountry native, she was thrilled to return to Charleston after her work in the food and beverage industry took her to San Diego with stints in Atlanta, Georgia and Steamboat Springs, Colorado along the way. After her time in the wild west, Connie worked at James Burns Catering in Mount Pleasant, where she learned the ins and outs of on-site event management. Now, on the other side of events, she remains calm under pressure and brings enthusiasm and passion for her hometown and her industry to Snyder.

Grace Stewart

Meet Grace. Born and raised in Greenville, SC, she ventured from her familiar mountains to her beloved beaches to attend the College of Charleston. After receiving a B.S. in Education, she decided to substitute teach in schools, bartend for Spike and teach a mixology class in her spare time. Consequently, she fell in love with the event industry and we are happy to have someone with a new perspective join our team. Grace prides herself on her ability to connect and empathize with her clients. She often goes out of her way to make sure every event feels as special as it should. We are convinced that making herself useful is her favorite pastime...

Jennifer Cunningham

Meet Jennifer. A Virginia native, she came to Charleston by way of Charlotte, North Carolina. Jennifer joins Snyder with several years of experience in event planning and restaurant management. Jennifer prides herself on helping clients understand which details will truly elevate an event from those that will go unnoticed by guests.

Eden Ellis

Meet Eden. A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Eden worked in both the catering and wedding planning industries while attending the University of South Carolina. She's a people person and a perfectionist, which means that she communicates clearly and quadruple-checks everything she does. These qualities help her make sure that Snyder's clients only get the best.

Nate Guthrie

Meet Nate. Growing up all over the Southeast, Nate fell in love with the Charleston Lowcountry from an early age. While attending Auburn University he developed a passion for the hospitality & special event industry. After graduation he expounded upon his experience with different companies in the industry working his way up from the bottom. Nate, has a creative mind and an eye for the details, but won’t lose sight of the big picture when managing your next event.

William Bennett

Meet William. A Florida native raised in Charleston, South Carolina, William has over 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry. It was his time working at Walt Disney World Resorts in the mid 2000’s where he discovered his passion for wine & spirits that led him to study in the Court of Master Sommeliers. William’s enthusiastic & welcoming approach to customer service makes all of our clients feel right at home. It doesn’t hurt that he makes "SUPER" good cocktails, too! When he’s not helping plan amazing events, you can find William on his mountain bike, playing his guitar or exploring the local wine & food scene.